Fish Farming Equipment

All reels will be customized and tailor made according to customer specification by use of 3D CAD tool and Finite Element Analysis (FEM).
We have delivered reels from ø 2.2m up to ø 12.5m. Max payload delivered is 454 mT.

The reels are based on TS Reels’ plate-designs, where up to 95% consists of plates. This means unbeatable delivery time and improved availability compared to normal marked designs. We have Quality Assurance system made for reels projects, based on ISO9001:2008.
The sidewalls are produced from one side without turning – this minimizes the HSE risks during production process and reduces lead time to the client.


Diameter: ø 2.2m up to 12.5m
Max payload delivered: 454 mT
Software: 3D CAD tool and Finite Element Analysis (FEM)

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