Focus Construction and company Focus Engineering have jointly developed a new type of filter that is used in service vessels and well-boats used in the aquaculture industry. The filters are produced at Focus Construction’s factory in Vietnam.

Well-boats are the aquaculture industry’s special vessels and can be compared with anchor handling vessels and shuttle tankers in the oil industry.

The well-boats differ from other vessels in that the cargo space allows the circulation of fresh seawater and, if necessary, can add oxygen. This ensures good environmental conditions for the fish that are transported live from the breeder to the slaughterhouses.

The well-boats can also be used for debugging of fish and a lot of lice will then be collected in the wastewater. In order to avoid residues, both lice and any larvae and eggs should not be returned to the sea and thus, the wastewater must be filtered or disinfected in some other way. These filters have been a bottleneck in the past and many well-boat owners have faced challenges with filters that were often destroyed after a short period of use.

Focus Construction has put a lot of effort into solving the problems that previous filters have had and have provided a technical solution that turns out to be very competitive in terms of both price and quality.

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Worlds largest de-licing vessel ( – article in Norwegian

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