About us

Focus Construction

Our company is set up for efficient fabrication of steel & piping structures, sheet metal compositions and mechanical equipment.

Focus Construction has a well developed quality assurance system based on many years experience from different projects in different countries.

Whether you need piping structures for the oil & energy industry, aquaculture equipment, a tailor-made crane or floating house, we build your design.

Our experience from high-quality fabrication in Norway combined with the positive workmanship and the beneficial cost level in Vietnam, make us the perfect choice for your production!

Our philosophy

Focus Construction has a strong vision that guides and inspires employees in Norway, Vietnam, and other locations. Our clients and collaborators also enjoy the positive spirit we want to incorporate in our work – it leads to good relations, new ideas, and positive results.


«We provide products and services in the market areas of Oil & Energy, Aquaculture, and Renewables»


«Solutions with care and excitement!»
Through our vision, we strive to add care and excitement to our projects. Our sector may be business-to-business, but our relationship is person-to-person.

Our values

How we think and act is also influenced by our company values:





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We are a team of highly capable engineers with acute technological and commercial expertise, and we operate to the highest standards of safety and quality.