All-in-one services

Fabrication services

Together with our top qualified sub-suppliers, Focus Construction delivers high-quality products at very competitive cost on schedule.

Fabrication Follow-up

Focus Construction provides quality control services within all disciplines. Our inspectors are highly qualified with many years of experience both in Oil & Gas development projects and land-based industry.

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services are based on more than 15 years of experience most from Oil & Gas development projects. This experience is now offered to our clients to assist them succeed with their projects in Asia.

Standard products made unique

Our customers benefit from the synergies Focus Construction creates. By using our collective engineering, construction and fabrication abilities we also offer customized designs based on standard solutions. Focus Construction builds the solutions designed by our engineers. Together with the Client we create cost effective solutions. Below are examples of standardized products. We build them uniquely for you.

Lifting equipment

Marine Outfitting

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We are a team of highly capable engineers with acute technological and commercial expertise, and we operate to the highest standards of safety and quality.