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As a one-stop-shop, Focus Construction delivers both engineering and fabrication of many types of customized lifting equipment.

Spreader frames are specially designed and manufactured so that they have an optimal adaptation to the equipment they are to lift. Shackles, wires, and other components on the spreader bar are dimensioned in relation to the load they are due to lift and always conform to international standards and requirements.

Focus Construction is responsible for the physical production of the equipment at the company’s fabrication site in Vietnam. They work closely with the engineers who is responsible for the design, calculations and documentation of the equipment – our Clients benefits from one point of contact to facilitate the lifting equipment they need, either they are in need of fabrication, engineering or both!

Lifting Equipment Products

  • Spreader bars
  • Spreader frames
  • Davits
  • A-frames / Grantry Cranes
  • Lifting Arrangements for Reels
  • Our Fabrication Services

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We are a team of highly capable engineers with acute technological and commercial expertise, and we operate to the highest standards of safety and quality.

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