Congratulations to Aragon and to Yinson on the “First Cut” taking place at the Zhuhai Jutal Offshore Oil Services’ yard (Zhuhai, China) marking the next phase of the FPSO modules construction!

Together with our client, Aragon, we are honored to take part in this project and to participate in the “Anna Nery FPSO Project First Cut Ceremony”, a celebration of the first steel-cut of both the gas treatment & utility modules and compression modules. Our Site representative Mr. Jens Arild Apland who is normally stationed in our engineering hub in Qingdao is together with his team is following up on the fabrication at the yard.

From left: Mr. Jens A. Apland (Site representative, Aragon), Mr. Lin Bin (Project Manager, Jutal) and Mr. Yevgen Shamonin (Site Manager, Yinson). Mr. Lin Bin (middle) is holding the “Permit to start fabrication” signed by Mr. Apland and Mr. Shamonin.

Mr. Bjørn Helge Hodneland (Project Director Aragon) gave a speech on video. Mr. Hodneland was happy for the celebration of the first steel-cut of both the gas treatment & utility modules and compression modules – on time!

Impressive workers: Mr. Apland was thankful for the warm welcome to the yard of Jutal. “The yard is impressive, and I am sure that the workers are just as impressive!” he says during his speech. “Let’s focus on safety, quality and mutual respect!” he continues. The workers sure made an impressive formation of “Anna Nery”.

Congratulations on the first steel cut, and on time!
From left: Mr. Yevgen Shamonin (Site Manager Yinson), Mr. Evan Liang (General Manager Jutal), and Mr. Jens A. Apland (Site representative Aragon).

Yinson has expressed that the overall conversion works are progressing well, with major demolition activities and steel repairs completed. (source

The FPSO Anna Nery project management team has also completed conducting progress surveys on the vessel, giving the team a more accurate picture of the extent of repair works the vessel will need over the next couple of months. (source

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